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Simplify IAM Complexities

With the right technology, people, and process.

With SailPoint’s cutting-edge identity technology and Simeio’s IAM services, enterprises are guaranteed a robust identity security program to achieve their security goals. Simeio ensures that the SailPoint product that best fits your needs is integrated efficiently within your enterprise with the support of the industry’s most experienced identity talents and proven processes. From providing round-the-clock remote management of your SailPoint platform to operating your IAM infrastructure with 24 x 7 support to address any hiccups that affect your program, Simeio does it all – with speed, efficiency, and reduced cost.

Build the Ideal IAM Program

Establishing an IAM program can be daunting – we get it! Enterprises today on an average have 20 applications to manage and maintain their identity fabric. Simeio’s expertise is in ensuring your IAM experience is less stressful and more seamless, while achieving better ROI on your investment. We make sure your IAM tools are optimized, and you are benefiting with the maximum value.

Elevate your SailPoint Experience

> Enhance and expand integrations of SailPoint identity IQ
   and cloud-based ID now products with Simeio's certified
   SailPoint identity experts.

> Facilitate adoption of SailPoint products within the
   organization to achieve value on your investment. 

> Transition easily from on-premise to cloud-based services
   promptly while optimizing SailPoint systems and workflows. 

Scale & Transform

With future-ready IAM technology and serviceswith Simeio and SailPoint.

Let's face it - breaches aren't traditional. Increased sophistication, use of digital and machine identities to hack systems, and increase in digitization of infrastructures is leaving security leaders baffled. This means organizations need to stay a step ahead of all the time to combat and mitigate the risks. Is your IAM program future-ready? Simeio and SailPoint has joined hands to help you scale and transform with its future ready tools and services. We protect and secure organization from attacks that may be the most sophisticated - but we are ready!

SailPoint Specific Service Offerings

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1. SailPoint
Quick Start

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2. SailPoint

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3. SailPoint

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4. SailPoint
Healthcare Solution

Simeio in Action

Client: Leading UK Bank

> No defined JML process
> 2 to 3 days of termination process
> Lots of Data integrity issues like
      - 8k duplicate users
      - 22k anonymous accounts
      - 15k active accounts terminated
> Sox requirements not met
      - No Segregation of Duties
      - Lack of transparency in reporting
      - Manual certification process

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global SailPoint Customers


90 days

avg. time to implement/integrate
SailPoint into IAM programs



avg. uptime


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Financial Services

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Higher Education

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Oil & Gas

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