Simeio is a global Managed Services Provider of Identity and Access Management services with more than 700 identity experts and 4 Security Operations Centers. Founded in 2007, Simeio has delivered best in class IAM services to manage the identities of customers, partners, or employees, in industries like retail, banking, hospitality, healthcare, government, universities and more. We focus on making your identity management simple, reliable, and secure. Our expertise in implementing  Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM), Privileged Access Management, Identity Proofing, App On-boarding, Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration   are backed with the most modern tools, and platforms that are highly rated, and have established results. 


Simeio has been recognized for its leadership in many defined segments by KuppingerCole analysts in its Leadership Compass, in 2021 including,  Identity Fabrics, Access Management, and Identity Governance and Administration. 


What is the Kuppinger Cole Leadership Compass?  


The  KuppingerCole Leadership Compass  is a document and working tool providing an overview of a specific IT market segment and identifies organizations that are leaders in the market segment. The focus of Kuppinger Cole is on security, functionality, integration, interoperability, and usability, but also on the innovativeness of vendors, their market position, their ecosystem, and financial strength. Visit  KuppingerCole Leadership Compass  for more information





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